I had an outstanding experience with Mark. As a first time home buyer, he took the time not only to inspect the house, but to educate me the entire time on topics such as how certain systems work, how to conduct both active and preventative maintenance, as well as how the climate and environment of the Wiregrass affects the house.

I was apprehensive hiring a home inspector not knowing what ties one may have to a realty company, and perhaps overlooking an issue I wouldn’t notice to ensure the house gets sold. It was very clear early on that this is not the case with Mark, and I am extremely confident after this process that the house I am buying is in great shape. Furthermore, before leaving the house I was given a binder full of recommended improvements and other informational suggestions. As if that wasn’t enough, Mark came back to the house to re-inspect the roof when minor repairs had been done to it, at no cost to myself. I could not possibly be more thankful for the demeanor, professionalism, and services provided by Mr. Rakow.